About us

Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti (Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec) is a museum for Galerija_procelje_po_prenovi_foto_Tomocontemporary visual arts. Established as public institution by Koroška regional municipalities it promotes fine arts programmes in the region, implements national public service for protection of fine arts heritage of the region, and with special activities links with institutions in neighbouring Carinthia in Austria. Gallery's concept is continously dedicated to lively exhibition programme on the regional, national and international level, with special emphasis on presenting engaged visual arts practices, recognizable through different successful projects carried out in the past decades. It links with local tradition of Slovenj Gradec as Peace Messenger City of United Nations. Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec is building profiled international permanent art collection and at the same time as a member of different European institutional net-works encourages contemporary visual art production and inter-media projects home and abroad.