ECC 2012


Project European Capital of Culture in its starting point recognizes artistic creation and culture as active factors of social change and carriers of the developmental revival of Maribor, partner City SLOVENJ GRADEC and other partner cities. This developmental potential of the largest cultural project in the history of Slovenia is summed up in the slogan PURE ENERGY!

The concept of »European Capital of Culture 2012« is based on connecting and networking, vertically and horizontally, which according to our expectations stimulates creative energy and might represent a new creative push for other areas indirectly connected with culture. And we call it PURE ENERGY!

We recognize culture a creative energy with ecological and socially responsible attitude towards the world. Culture is a generator and a medium for social involvement. Partner cities will implement the European Capital of Culture by moving around the established open spaces of the partners as focal points of creativity, by creating connections among them and networking the programmes as well as locations.

Participation in the European Capital of Culture 2012 event is undoubtedly the most important and ambitious project in recent history of the City of Slovenj Gradec and presents a unique challenge for our municipality, but at the same time it is a confirmation of our decades long creative effort in the fields of culture, art and peace.

ECC projects in the partner city Slovenj Gradec

RICHNESS OF VISUAL REALITY: Selected Works From Zepter Collection, Belgrade
10. 2. – 1. 4. 2012

Presentation of Zepter private art collection in Slovenj Gradec offers an insight look on the complex development of the 2nd half 20th Century art scene in former Yugoslavia and countries emerged recently in southeastern region of Europe. Exhibition will partucularly focus on paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations by masters of Serbian and Montenegran modernist art, like Vladimir Veličković, Dado Đurić, Mića Popović and others, which count among most influential European artists of the recent past. New relevant trends together with conceptual and post-conceptual art will also be on display. All works of art in ehxibition are part of the first private museum of modern art in Serbia, which was inaugurated 2010 in a majestic edifice in historical down-town Belgrade. 

9. 6. – 31. 7. 2012

Exhibition connects art-works of two great masters of 20th Century painting: Vladimir Veličković, Serbian artist who lives and works in Paris, and extraordinary auto-didact painterJože Tisnikar from Slovenj Gradec. Their paintings of exceptional expressive force are nowadays ranged among greatest achievements of modernist figurative art in Europe. Slovenj Gradec presentation will underline their common humanistic endeavours, which are with special significance exactly in the present time of slow disappearance of values and senses which recognized art as catharsis on the path towards new perspectives in positive utopia for the future.

"PUBLIC SPEECH" Art-network
21. 9. – 28. 10. 2012

“People To People” Culture of Peace event is dedicated to promotion of Culture Of Peace and non-violence. Its vital and central part is “Public Speech” art-network programme, organized as simultaneous inter-media art event implemented in partner-cities of the project in Slovenia and in European cities members of International Association of Peace Messenger Cities (IAPMC). The event derives from the original idea by the multimedia artist Tadej Pogačar and his partners all over Europe. The event in 2012 shall culminate in the simultaneous, via satellite coordinated artistic actions, happenings at public venues in all the participating cities, with performances of the invited artists from their respectful countries: on the very same day, on September 21st, International Day of Peace, in the open-air downtown city squares. It will be accompanied by symposia on chosen topics related to contents of artistic interventions: each participating city will relate to their social spaces of "productive contradictions and discrepancies" in order to create action-tools and ideas for stimulating communication, dialogue, inclusion and cohabitation of different social groups.

SOFT CONTROL: Art, Science and the Technological Unconscious
14. 11. – 20. 12. 2012

Exceptional exhibition project and symposium under curatorship of Dmitry Bulatov, alternative art practices expert from Kaliningrad (Russia) reveals to us the present-day “technological unconscious” (sub-mediality), in which there is room for mythological imagery, apocalyptic visions, and utopian dreams. The “SOFT CONTROL” shows how language and ideas of the contemporary post-biological society are capable of reshaping and reconfiguring the boundaries of our reality and our very identity. Concentrating their attention on the artworks created with the help of the most state-of-the-art means offered by the 21st century—robotics, IT, biomedicine, and nanotechnology—the authors of the exhibition attempt to disclose the origins of modern technological myth, which insists on the everlasting value of efficiency, control, technical development, and economic expansion.


Events dedicated to internationally renowned composer Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) born in Slovenj Gradec, including International Solo singing (Lied) Contest, International Musicological Symposium and Workshop, as well as numerous concerts, stage performances and publishing projects. Program will take place at Hugo Wolf Museum and Documentation Centre of the recently renovated composer's birth-house and in the environment of the old city centre of Slovenj Gradec.


Presentation of traditional and up-to-date handicrafts items from European countries, with inauguration and international symposium in Slovenj Gradec in spring 2012 and then organized as travelling exhibition through capital cities of Europe.

URŠKA 2012
International Festival of Young European Literature

Literary festival in partnership with Young Euro Conntact will gather perspective young authors across Europe with their contribution to variety of stage performances, workshops and readings, and with chosen topic "Lettrism" as point of departure for art, dance and film workshops.


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