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Past exhibitions

27. marec - 1. april 2018

Odprtje razstave Igraj se z mano se seli iz Cankarjevega doma v Slovenj Gradec

Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti med 27. marcem in 1. aprilom gosti odprtje Mednarodne potujoče razstave likovnega natečaja in kulturni dogodek »Igraj se z mano«, ki ga organizirata Center Janeza Levca Ljubljana in Društvo za kulturo inkluzije. Namen projekta je omogočiti otrokom in odraslim s posebnimi potrebami vključevanje v širšo družbo ter obenem pomagati razbijati predsodke.
Likovna dela bodo v KGLU na ogled do 1. aprila. Po odprtju razstave bodo dela potovala po različnih institucijah po celotni Sloveniji.

16. september 2017

Lana Čmajčanin
Stella Felder
Clemens Hutter
Artur Magrot
Jure Markota

Odprtje z javnim vodstvom, 16. 9., 17:00,
(Pričetek na Glavnem trgu 24) /
Opening with a guided tour, 16. 9., 5 pm.,
(Meeting point Glavni trg 24)

12. oktober - 3. december 2017


International Multidisciplinary Cooperation Project

October 12 - December 3, 2017

Curators: Ilina Koralova and Boris Kostadinov

Artists: Azra Akšamija, Nika Autor, Lana Čmajčanin, Juliane Ebner, Plamen Dejanoff, Petja Dimitrova, Dejan Kaludjerović, Luiza Margan, Emil Mirazchiev, Alban Muja, Oliver Ressler, Škart, Kamen Stoyanov, Ute Richter, Borjana Ventzislavova & Mladen Penev, Clara Wildberger.


12. oktober - 3. december 2017

Under the joint title of IN/ON THE WAY / NA-POTI, several activities will take place this September and October at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU); the activities are focused on the theme of migration, refugees, people’s personal stories and experiences as well as on their consequences for both the political and economic image of Europe and the mental framework of the people and the citizens of Europe.

Story Time emphasises the significance of knowing the cultural histories of various nations and milieus, for it is precisely this knowledge that represents the first common point on the way towards understanding other cultures arriving in Europe with migratory flows. The invited artists will reinterpret cultural histories and cultural contexts from both European and Arabic worlds. They will emphasise questions related to postulates such as humanity, peace, war, good and evil, and, at the same time, they will interrogate the role of the individual and thus also the individual’s responsibility towards fellow human beings. The invited artists will convene workshops in pairs. In the workshops, they will use dialogue to develop new interpretations of traditional motifs in the light of the migrant crisis. Although some of the presented artworks touch upon global issues, most of the participating artists approach the topic from the individual’s position and experience of the present situation. The artists will present their working methods and the issues they have been tackling as well as the starting points for the newly conceived works, which will be included in the Story Time exhibition (12. 10., KGLU), which will be on display under the umbrella title of In/On the Way.

Participating artists on the exhibition: Nika Autor, Kim Albrecht, Vesna Bukovec, Lana Čmajčanin, Nadine Kaadan, Jure Markota, Jalal Maghout, Škart.



The Jasmine Snezze – reading and workshop for children
13. 9., 17:00, KGLU

Nadine Kaadan is an illustrator and storyteller of Syrian descent. Together with the museum’s curator pedagogue Nina Popič, she will convene a reading of the story and a workshop for children.


Artist Talk:
Vesna Bukovec, Nadine Kaadan, Jalal Maghout, Jure Markota
14. 9., 18:00, Čajnica PEČ,
in case of bad weather: KGLU

Presentation and conversation with the artists participating in the residencies as part of the Story Time project.


Nadine Kaadan & Vesna Bukovec –
Herbs Without Borders
Planting Herbs and Picking Stories

14. 9., 19:00, Čajnica PEČ

Workshop about herbs, designed as an opportunity for socialising and collecting personal stories and memories about herbs. The workshop aims to develop a dialogue and a cultural exchange through looking at various culinary herbs.


Jalal Maghout & Jure Markota –
Two Media, One Language
15. 9., 17:00, KGLU

Jalal Maghout and Jure Markota interview each other, talking about their works and how they deal with the current political issues. The discussion will include a Q&A session with the audience.


Film screenings and discussion with the artist Jalal Maghout

15. 9., ob 19:00 Čajnica PEČ

Screenings of films by Syrian filmmaker Jalal Maghout: Selfie Attempt (2016, 1’11’’), Strive (2017, 1’27’’), Canvas on Mixed Media (2013, 5’12’’), Suleima (2014, 15’04’’

ŠKART (Djordje Balmazović & Dragan Protić) –
All the roads lead also to Slovenj Gradec

25.–29. 9., every day 10:00–13:00, KGLU

Workshop participants will get to know and comment on migration maps and they will share their own experiences of migration and adaptation to various communities.

Engaged Cinema Workshop with Nika Autor

27. 9., 17:00, KGLU

In this workshop, using various examples of film practices, we shall focus on the fields of engaged cinema, essay films and newsreel experiments.


The Story Time project connects five European organisations: the publishing house Izvori, LLC, from Zagreb; the organisation Inter – kultura, LLC, from Maribor; the Austrian Society for Children’s Philosophy (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kinderphilosophie) from Graz; the company Studio Gaus, LLC, from Berlin; and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU) from Slovenj Gradec. The diverse project partners form a platform for the execution of activities aimed at establishing and consolidating intercultural dialogue.

Projekt Story Time / Čas za zgodbe podpira program
Ustvarjalna Evropa.


22. september - 8. oktober 2017

Mestna občina Slovenj Gradec je v sodelovanju s Koroško galerijo likovnih umetnosti razpisala natečaj za izvirno likovno in literarno delo ter fotografijo.

Otvoritev razstave bo v petek, 22. septembra 2017 ob 11. uri v Koroški galeriji likovnih umetnosti.


12. oktober - 3. december 2017

Under the joint title I/ON THE WAY (NA-POTI), two thematically closely related projects will be on display at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU) this autumn. Both projects revolve around the central theme of migration, refugees, people’s personal stories and experiences as well as around their consequences for both the political and economic image of Europe and the mental framework of the people and the citizens of Europe. Although some of the presented artworks touch upon global issues, most of the participating artists approach the topic from the individual’s position and experience of the present situation both from the perspective of someone facing the people who are coming and bringing new cultural influences and from the perspective of those who are looking for a new, better life or running from death and violence and have found themselves in an environment that is often cold, if not hostile, or ambivalent at best.

These mixed positions, ranging from misunderstanding to acceptance, are the starting point of both projects, art residences and two exhibitions that will take place in the same period in October.

The Migrations of Fear exhibition is designed as a project of international multidisciplinary collaboration including a wide range of artists. The curators Ilina Koralova and Boris Kostadinov, who have been working in the international arega for many years, have conceived a travelling exhibition, which, however, adapts to the spatial situation and cultural context in each new location.

More: Migrations of Fear

The Story Time exhibition is part of an international project focusing on cultural contexts and traditions transmitted precisely through stories, which in turn offer an opportunity to establish and build new collective and connected memories and experiences despite the cultural differences dividing the European and the Arab worlds. In September, Slovenj Gradec will host the following artists in residence: Nika Autor, Vesna Bukovec, Nadine Kaadan, Jure Markota, Jalal Maghout, Škart. During their stay in Slovenj Gradec, the artists will convene workshops and participate in conversations and presentations, while they will also conceive works to be exhibited in public space, which will be on display simultaneously with the Migrations of Fear exhibition. The curators of the public space exhibition, which will also travel to the partner cities of Graz, Berlin and Zagreb, are Katarina Hergold Germ and Andreja Hribernik.

More: Story Time


Azra Akšamija, Nika Autor, Kim Albrecht, Vesna Bukovec, Lana Čmajčanin, Juliane Ebner, Plamen Dejanoff, Petja Dimitrova, Dejan Kaludjerović, Luiza Margan, Jalal Maghout, Jure Markota, Emil Mirazchiev, Alban Muja, Nadine Kaadan, Oliver Ressler, Škart, Kamen Stoyanov, Ute Richter, Borjana Ventzislavova & Mladen Penev, Clara Wildberger.


15. december - 18. marec 2018

With: Otto Dix, Yael Bartana, Bogdan Borčić, Zoran Mušič, Lee Miller, Goran Bertok, Sandra Vitaljić, Reza Aramesh, Roberto Collia, Radenk Milak, Tone Kralj, Nikolaj Pirnat, Marij Pregelj, France Mihelič, Nikolaj Omersa, Vito Globočnik, Vladimir Lakovič, Jože Tisnikar, Metod Frlic and XXXXi̶s̶m̶ TMC .

Opening: Friday, December 15th 2017, 18.00

Curator: Marko Košan

The exhibition War brings together and confronts works by internationally acclaimed authors, which reflect, in different ways, war and the traumatic consequences of warfare. We shall present as the central part of the exhibition 86 graphic works, titled “Der Krieg” (“The War”), by the famous German Expressionist master Otto Dix. The exhibition represents the fil rouge of our gallery programme, which was committed in the past decades to the promotion of peace culture with international exhibitions under the auspices of the United Nations, and it still, to a large extent, presents engaged artistic practices dealing with topical social issues.

2. junij - 1. oktober 2017

The presented collection of Pilon's works comes to Slovenj Gradec from the Pilon Gallery in Ajdovščina as part of a collection exchange project between museums and galleries entitled COLLECTIONS IN MOTION.
Established back in 1973, the Pilon Gallery hosts the most comprehensive collection of works by Slovenian painter, graphic artist and photographer Veno Pilon, including a representative selection of oil paintings that place Pilon among the very best of modern European artists.

Veno Pilon was one of the most important masters of Slovenian expressionist painting in the period between the two great 20th century wars, although his basic opus only dates from his study years in Prague (1919) and Florence (1920–21) and his time in his native Ajdovščina before his departure for Paris in 1928. The modernist expression of his striking landscape vedutas leaves them without comparison in Slovenian visual art of the time. Yet the most important series consists in the psychologically profound portraits in which Pilon expressed the larger, comprehensive tension of the body as a visual means of conveying the invisible inner life and spirit as materiality brought to life. These are suggestively rounded up in an immediate physical, almost erotic experience of the world previously unknown in the reserved, bourgeois politeness of Slovenian art. His graphic prints appeared at the Venice Biennale in 1924. In 1928, he settled in Paris, where he almost entirely abandoned painting and devoted himself to photography; while it was primarily a way to make a living, he also created an important artistic opus documenting the artistic pulse at Montparnasse. After World War II, he hosted his fellow Slovenian artists and intellectuals who had ended up in Paris for different reasons, many of whom remembered him as an excellent unofficial (and tireless) cultural attaché in the capital of arts by the Seine. He worked occasionally as an organiser of exhibitions, an editor, illustrator and translator. In 1947, he spent several months in Slovenia, participating in the making of the film Na svoji zemlji (On Our Own Land). He returned to his homeland in 1968, after the death of his wife, and died in 1970 in Ajdovščina.

The works from the artist's legacy donated to Ajdovščina by his son Dominique Pilon served as the basis on which the Pilon Gallery was established in 1973, in the former bakery of the artist's father. Today it forms a part of the national museum network and is located in two adjacent houses in the heart of Ajdovščina. The facades of both houses are separated by their different colours, while their interiors are preserved in intimate detail. The renovation of the gallery was carried out by Ajdovščina's architect Svetozar Križaj (1921–1996), who received the 1976 national Plečnik architecture award for the project.
In addition to the works of art here, the legacy includes a rich archive consisting of documents, manuscripts, correspondence, books and personal belongings of the artist. Through the years, the collection has been further enriched by various acquisitions and donations.

The exhibition in Slovenj Gradec hosts a representative selection and includes works arranged both chronologically and by genre: creative beginnings at secondary school in Gorizia before World War I, drawings and watercolour paintings made during Russian captivity, sketches from his travels and studies in Prague, Florence and Vienna, graphic works from his study period; and portraits, landscapes and still lifes in oil, and the rich opus of drawings created during his life in Paris, from 1928 to 1968. The exhibition is supplemented with a selection of the artist's photographic work, which consists of landscapes, portraits and still lifes made in Paris in the 1930s.

13. maj - 28. maj 2017

Osrednja slovesnost Tedna ljubiteljske kulture bo potekala v soboto, 13. maja 2017 ob 19.30, v Slovenj Gradcu, ki praznuje 750 let. Prireditev ob otvoritvi državne razstave KVADRAT in KROG bo v Koroški galeriji likovnih umetnosti Slovenj Gradec predstavila širok spekter likovnega dogajanja po vsej državi.

24. marec - 21. maj 2017

Zbirke v gibanju
RAZSTAVA BREZ PRIPRAV, slike iz zbirke mednarodnega slikarskega Ex tempora Piran v Koroški galeriji likovnih umetnosti
Zbirke v gibanju je naslov razstavnega projekta,  s katerim je Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti (KGLU) sprožila aktivno izmenjavo zbirk med muzeji in galerijami po Sloveniji.
Pričujoča razstava želi predstaviti izbor del avtorjev, ki so na omenjeni prireditvi sodelovali in prejemali nagrade. Med njimi so tako tuji kot domači, že uveljavljeni, ustvarjalci,  pa tudi taki, ki so bili ob prejetju nagrade šele na začetku svoje ustvarjalne poti in so širšo prepoznavnost dosegli kasneje.

2. december 2016 - 12. marec 2017

Rudi Benetik, Metka Kavčič, Tihomir Pinter, Luka Popič, Petar Waldegg
Odprtje v petek, 2. december 2016, ob 18.00
Razstava Dialogi z Borčićem je posvečena obletnici umetnikovega rojstva, v letu 2016 bi Bogdan Borčić, Prešernov nagrajenec in eden najbolj plodnih slovenskih ustvarjalcev namreč praznoval 90. let.  Bogdan Borčić je poleg bogatega opusa zapustil tudi velik pečat na mnogih mlajših ustvarjalcih, ki jih je Borčič zaznamoval bodisi kot prijatelj oz. kot mentor.
V sklopu razstave bodo razstavljena dela Bogdana Borčića v dialogu s štirimi ustvarjalci: Metko Kavčič, Petarjem Waldeggom, Luko Popičem, Rudijem Benetikom. Razstavo pa bo dopolnila tudi serija fotografij, portretov umetnika v ateljeju fotografa Tihomirja Pinterja.

16. december 2016 - 19. marec 2017

Odprtje v  petek, 16. december 2016, ob 19.00
Kustos: Marko Košan

Ob 70. letnici Franca Berhtolda, enega najbolj prepoznavnih mojstrov klasičnih grafičnih tehnik globokega tiska na Koroškem in v Sloveniji, bomo pripravili pregledno razstavo njegovih del: predstavili posamezna ustvarjalna obdobja in zaokrožene cikle v časovnem loku od leta 1967, ko je po diplomi na mariborski Pedagoški akademiji prišel v Slovenj Gradec, do najnovejših del, ki logično in študijsko domišljeno zaključujejo izrazito avtorski in prepoznaven likovni opus.

Franc Berhtold, slikar-grafik, likovni pedagog, živi in dela v Slovenj Gradcu. Dvakratni prejemnik nacionalne nagrade v Ljubljani za malo grafiko (1993, 1995); Bernekerjeve plakete Mestne občine Slovenj Gradec za bogat prispevek k likovni podobi mesta in občine (1998) in častnega priznanja mednarodne žirije na EX TEMPORE Piran ( 2011). Ustvaril je več kot sto lesorezov, linorezov, sitotiskov, predvsem pa grafik globokega tiska.

21. oktober 2016

You are cordially invited to attend the events accompanying the closure of the project Performing the Museum

Presentation: 21 Oct 2016, 5 pm, KGLU

Author and Editor: Katarina Hergold Germ
Illustrations: Djordje Balmazović (ŠKART)
Web Design:  Vikida, Ana Korenini s.p.
Creative programming: Slavko Glamočanin

Opening: 21 Oct 2016, 6 pm
General Hospital Slovenj Gradec
On display until 29 Nov 2016


Lúa Coderch – video projections
from 21 Oct to 27 Nov 2016, KGLU
Night in a remote cottage illuminated by a kerosene lamp, video, 11' 30"
Screen wall (when we are dealing with wind and not gravitation), video, 7' 32"

12. - 16. oktober 2016

Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti že petič zapored gosti Mednarodno potujočo razstavo likovnega natečaja »Igraj se z mano«, ki ga organizirata Center Janeza Levca Ljubljana in Društvo za kulturo inkluzije.

7. oktober - 11. december 2016

Otvoritev / Ausstellungseröffnung: 7. 10. 2016, 19. 00

Anja Jerčič Jakob: Preraščanje / Überwachsen
Kustosinja projekta / Kuratorin des Projektes: Katarina Hergold Germ

Michael Kos: Razširitev območja somraka/ Ausweitung der Grauzone
Kustos projekta / Kurator des Projektes: Jernej Kožar

Lani junija smo v KGLU na otvoritvi razstave Sodobna umetnost na Koroškem (SLO/A), ki je nudila zanimiv vpogled v aktualno umetniško snovanje z obeh strani meje, razglasili dva izbrana umetnika za samostojno razstavo v letu 2016:  Anjo Jerčič Jakob in Michaela Kosa.

Im Vorjahr wurden Anja Jerčič Kos und Michael Kos aus einer Gruppenausstellung von Kunst aus der Region Kärnten/Koroška vom Kuratorenteam der Koroška galerija für eine Einzelausstellung nominiert.

23. september 2016 - 9. oktober 2016

Učitelji in učenci osnovnih šol!

Ponovno vas vabimo, da sodelujete na natečaju za izvirno otroško likovno in literarno delo in fotografijo!

Tudi letos so razpisane zanimive teme. Vsebino natečaja si lahko preberete v nadaljevanju.

3. junij - 28. september 2016

Osrednja poletna razstava / Die große Sommerausstellung
MEMENTO – Kakor senca so naši dnevi / Unser Leben ist ein Schatten

Izbrana slikarska dela priznanega slovenskega umetnika Zdenka Huzjana ter izbrana dela iz zapuščine nemškega umetnika Hermanna Falkeja.

Ausgewählte Werke des anerkannten slowenischen Künstlers Zdenko Huzjan und des deutschen Künstlers Hermann Falke.

Kustos projekta / Kurator des Projektes: Marko Košan.

Otvoritev / Ausstellungseröffnung: 3. 6. 2016, 19. 00

18. marec - 29. maj 2016

V KGLU na ogled izbor del iz stalne zbirke Galerija Murska Sobota

Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti je pobudnica projekta Zbirke v gibanju, ki je namenjen izmenjavi zbirk med muzeji in galerijami. V okviru tega bo v KGLU od 18. marca do 29. maja 2016 gostoval izbor iz zbirke Galerije Murska Sobota, otvoritev razstave bo 18. marca 2016 ob 18. uri. Zbirka KGLU Hommage a Tisnikar pa bo v Murski Soboti gostovala drugo leto.

9. december 2016 - 12. februar 2017

Nove umetniške prakse in alternativna kultura v devetdesetih – primer Koroške
Pritlični prostori Koroškega pokrajinskega muzeja

Odprtje v petek, 9. decembra 2016, ob

Avtorici: Nina Popič, Polona Poberžnik

Razstava Nove umetniške prakse v devetdesetih: primer Koroške je del raziskovalnega in izobraževalnega projekta Druga eksplozija: 90. leta, ki ga Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti razvija v sodelovanju z Zavodom P. A. R. A. S. I. T. E. in Inkubatorjem za mlade kustose. Projekt prek dvojne perspektive (s »središča« in z »roba«) izrisuje kompleksno sliko umetniške in kulturne produkcije devetdesetih. Dvojni pogled na to obdobje pa ni vgrajen samo v koncept projekta, ampak tudi v pričujočo študijsko razstavo.

27. februar 2016

V KGLU od 27. februarja 2016  na ogled nova postavitev izbora iz stalnih zbirk KGLU s poudarkom na Bogdanu Borčiću in Jožetu Tisnikarju.