Welcome to the virtual tour of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška!

One of our largest projects during isolation was to design a virtual gallery that would enable visitors to access our current exhibitions from their homes. We are delighted to announce that the virtual tour is now open, and you are welcome to take a walk through our first virtual exhibition. The link can be found in the blue frame at the top of this website.

The first exhibition on display is by the Carinthian artist Tadej Vaukman, which was opened in the Ravne Gallery at the beginning of February. Before you enter the gallery, you can watch a video greeting from the artist himself, and there is additional information available for every work as you tour the exhibition space.

Soon the Museum’s permanent collection will also be available in the virtual tour, where you will have the chance to have a look at works of art by Jože Tisnikar, Bogdan Borčić, Lojze Logar and others.

The virtual tour was produced for the Museum by Dobran Laznik.

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