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Karel Pečko Art School III
17. 03. 2022 - 21. 04. 2022
Galerija Slovenj Gradec

The Karel Pečko Art School is an adult education programme at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, intended for adults regardless of their prior knowledge of art and for young people who would like to prepare for further arts education. Under the guidance of the art educator, the participants will become familiar with the basics of drawing through practical work and obtain practical knowledge of artistic design.

Four sessions lasting 2,5 hours will be organized each Thursday from 31 March onwards. Before the School’s beginning, an introductory session will take place on 17 March that will be devoted to getting know the Museum’s spaces and talking about the goals that participants would like to achieve by attending the art school. After these four sessions intended to learn the basics of drawing, a new segment of the art school is planned where the focus will be on painting.

The price of four sessions is 30€/person (5-10 participants, the minimum number of applications for the workshops to take place is 5). The price includes basic tools, materials and expert guidance. The art school is led by professor of art education Kaja Jeseničnik.

Applications are open until 14 March 2022 at: / 02 620 36 50

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