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Art Contest Koroška, Who are You?
21. 03. 2022 - 23. 05. 2022
Galerija Ravne

For the fourth consecutive year, the Carinthian Students Club (KKŠ) and the Kompleks Youth Culture Centre (KMKC Kompleks), in cooperation with the Ravne Gallery, are organizing the visual Art Contest “Koroška, Who are You?”.

The contest is open to all young Slovenian visual creators between the ages of 18 and 29. The award is given to artworks that demonstrate quality and innovation, created in the past two years.

We wish to provide young artists with an excellent starting point to perfect their work and expression, which is why for the first prize, we offer the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in the Ravne Gallery in 2023.

The contest will be open until 1 May 2022.

*The contest has been extended until 23 May 2022.

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