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24. 10. 2019 - 20. 12. 2019
Galerija Ravne

Razstava je podaljšana do 20. 12. 2019!

Opening >> 24 october 2019 at 6. p.m.
Curator >> Jernej Kožar

At the exhibition “The Co-Existence of Form” in the Ravne Gallery, Boštjan Temniker will exhibit works from his series “The Space of Fracture”. The sculptor uses found pieces of wood to assemble his sculptures. To him, fallen and fractured trees provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He does not see the tree as life that had withered away, instead he focuses his gaze on the shape of the trunk and the wound that was created when the tree fell. The sculptor is interested in this very point where the inner construction yielded under the weight and broke apart.
Observing the fracture from the point of view of sculptural grammar, we notice that the surfaces of fractures have a lot in common with surfaces made by impressions. The fracture is like an impression, a transference of shape, an inverse similarity of two surfaces and textures. Just like an impression, the fracture also represents one of the most intimate forms of the sculptor’s contact with artistic matter. In the many variations of this intimate contact, both the impression and the fracture equally embody the division, duplication and turning of the image’s geometry. Division in the sense of doubles, similarity and symmetry, duplication in the sense of reinforcement, aura, silhouette and shadow, and turning in the sense of overturning the concave into the convex.
Boštjan Temniker (1978) is an architect, sculptor and has an MA in painting. He lives and works in Legen near Slovenj Gradec.

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