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Ignac Meden: Creations (U/s/tvar/i/tve)
14. 03. 2019 - 21. 04. 2019
Galerija Slovenj Gradec

>> Exhibition opening: 14 March 2019 at 6 PM
>> Curator: Irma Brodnjak

The exhibition of works by Ignac Meden is another of the exhibitions within the project Collections on the Move, which promotes the exchange of collections between museums and galleries.
The exhibition of the professional painter from Pomurje showcases his works created in the past twenty years. In the formal sense, the main characteristic of Meden’s works is their distinct purism, which is based on the central principles of modernism and Concrete Art. His works are made with careful deliberation and mathematical precision. Virtually no coincidences are to be found in Meden’s works. They are greatly refined in terms of contents as well, as they contain no symbolism or narrative, with the exception of his conceptual works.
The works exhibited can be roughly divided into three sets. The first one consists of the mentioned conceptual works, into which the artist humorously incorporates the criticism of consumer society and its central logic – if there is to be more somewhere, there needs to be less elsewhere.
In the second set, the exhibited works address the viewer through colour and through their accentuated spatial design. These are not classical paintings, but spatial objects, made by interlacing horizontal and vertical wooden boards. This set also contains works built by stringing and overlapping dots, with which the artist creates images that are always to some extent elusive, never completely defined and which seem more like intimations or illusions.
The third set is comprised of Meden’s small-scale works created in the last twenty years. In them, the artist draws on the beginnings of modernism, on Malevich’s work Black Square (1915). In these works, he also questions the objectivity of his paintings, as he includes every-day and seemingly banal objects, following the example of another giant of modernism, Marcel Duchamp.

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