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Katja Felle: Skrito/Caché
24. 11. 2023 - 11. 02. 2024
Galerija Slovenj Gradec


>> The exhibition will open on Friday 24 November 2023 at 6 p.m. 

>> Curator: Jernej Kožar

The exhibition “Hidden/Caché” will showcase Katja Felle’s latest paintings on canvas, tapestries and watercolours. Her works often feature motifs and symbols which we recognize from the various screens we look at every day. However, the artist’s intention is not merely to repeat and reproduce images from screens, but above all to draw attention to the multitude of encoded facts that lie in the background, which only the human mind can decipher. In the exhibition, she will also present a series of watercolours, “Out Of The Blue“, which feature text on a blue background, taken from text messages she exchanged with a friend. The messages describe a brief and fleeting love affair and are at the same time only a compositional framework for an abstract painting.

Katja Felle’s paintings depict objects and fragments of contemporary technology, thus establishing a bridge between the historical medium of painting and contemporary technology. She also transforms this link into a tapestry, which she produces herself or in cooperation with the Carinthian Intergenerational Centre. In this way, she broadens the field of contemporary art and attracts and involves the general public. The visual saturation and seemingly disorganised structure of her works allow for different interpretations. The tapestries from the “Gradient” series are purely abstract compositions and testify to Felle’s ability to effortlessly shift between the representational and the abstract.

Katja Felle (born 1988) lives and works in Paris and Slovenj Gradec. She has exhibited in many galleries both at home and abroad. Her works are part of importanr collections of contemporary art: BTC d.d., Ljubljana; DIVA Station, digital video archive, SCCA-Ljubljana; Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection; KGLU, Slovenj Gradec; City Gallery, Nova Gorica; Art Collection Riko, Ljubljana; Central Museum of Textile Art, Łódź, Poland; Eur’Art, Versailles, France.

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