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29. 09. 2022 - 27. 11. 2022
Galerija Slovenj Gradec

>> The exhibition opening will take place on Thursday, 29 September 2022, at 7 PM.

>> Curator: Marko Košan

>> The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Gorenjska Museum in Kranj and the Association of Ceramicists and Potters.

The overview exhibition of Slovenian ceramic creativity, which was on display in the exhibition area of the Gorenjska Museum in Kranj from 30 June this year, will also be on display in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška in Slovenj Gradec from 29 September to 27 November.

The selection of works chosen from among those that applied to the call was made by an expert jury consisting of Damir Globočnik, curator from the Gorenjska Museum in Kranj, Nives Marvin, curator from the Coastal Galleries in Piran, and Marko Košan, curator from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, and it testifies to the excellent quality of ceramic creation in Slovenia, which we could not even imagine twenty years ago, when this art genre was unfathomably and unjustly pushed to the margins of expert public’s interest and, consequently, the wider public as well. The works of all the authors appeal to us with superb technical knowledge and innovation in the direction of free, even monumental ceramic sculptural creation, torn between spiritual, fantastical, still conditionally “useful” design, and conceptually imaginative interdisciplinary approaches, which are often also clearly socially engaged. The current relatively high popularity of ceramics in the world and also in Slovenia is not just a trend, as ceramic sculpture and design have finally become part of the program of the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Thus the advancement of artistic persuasiveness and quality, the importance of creating in ceramics in the context of contemporary practices in visual arts will undoubtedly continue to grow in the coming years, while the present exhibition also offers a real feast for the eyes to the widest range of fine art enthusiasts.

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