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26. 08. 2020 - 09. 10. 2020
Galerija Ravne


>> Opening on Wednesday, 26 August 2020, at 5.30 p.m.

>> Curator: Jernej Kožar

At the exhibition »We are Going Somewhere Else« by Mito Gegič in the Ravne Gallery, nine of his works will be displayed. Upon seeing them, the viewers’ first association might be that they portray hunting motifs. These looks are deceptive, however, since the paintings such as “There is a deer in your headlights, scared of the spotlight”, 2018, “You Complete Me”, 2016, and “Carnival”, 2018, add certain highlights to the composition, thus undermining an unambiguous reading of the images. Although the iconography of hunting does prevail in Mito Gegič’s exhibited works, it is complemented by other aspects of contemporary life, which also encompass the fleeting moments of happiness and our relationship to fellow human beings.

Mito Gegič paints on adhesive tape that had been taped over a canvas. This tape is then removed and pasted on a new canvas. The process produces empty spaces and other imperfections, through which the white background is visible. The artist thus takes away the viewer’s comfort in easily recognizing the motifs and encourages them to complete the picture in their own imagination. The white stripes and empty spaces, such as in the painting “01_49 AM”, give the image a new component, therefore raising the otherwise banal motif of a copied viral image onto a different, artistic level.

Mito Gegič (born in 1982, Ljubljana) participated in the CEEPUS exchange programme at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2006. He graduated in 2008 in the field of painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He is currently finishing his master’s studies in painting. He lives and works in Škofja Loka and Ptuj.

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