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25. 08. 2021 - 19. 11. 2021
Galerija Ravne


>> Opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, 25 August 2021, at 5.30 p.m.

>> Curator: Jernej Kožar

At the exhibition entitled “Turn the Record” in the Ravne Gallery and the exhibition space of the Dr. Franc Sušnik Central Carinthian Library, Sašo Vrabič will present 83 paintings on paper, triptychs, photographs, artist’s books, drawings, sketchbooks and video works. The exhibition in the Ravne Gallery will open on 25 August, while its continuation at the Dr. Franc Sušnik Central Carinthian Library will open a month later, on 23 September 2021. To accompany the exhibition, a catalogue of works will be published containing Vrabič’s haikus, which the artist wrote while creating the paintings on paper.

In the paintings entitled “Covers (True Colours)”, he depicted adaptations of LP covers, parodies of vinyl media from the pre-digital age, by several music performers, coming in part from the artist’s own extensive collection. In the paintings, the inscriptions are often changed, such as the clever anagrams of the musical group or artist’s names, in which Vrabič focuses on descriptions of colours or expressions from painting terminology. The typography follows the original, thus enabling the easier recognition of names. Some can be easily discerned, some of the melodies resonate in our ears, while others simply make us grin at the painter’s playfulness as he toys with the name of a music group or album title.

Sašo Vrabič drew attention to himself in Slovenian painting at the end of the past century with his novel approach based on photorealism and Pop Art. Sašo Vrabič is one of the most visible representatives of post-media painting. In his works, we can find commentary on contemporary information societies and on the relationships in interpersonal communication. Vrabič is presenting his work in the Ravne Gallery for the second time now. In 2011, he held an exhibition named “Relatively Accessible Paintings”, in which he presented canvasses that he created together with his family.

Besides the series “Covers (True Colours)”, several smaller new paintings will be on display in the Ravne Gallery, created for this particular space: “Homage to the Exhibition Venue (Tryptich)”: Stairway to Heaven, The Doors, AC/DC, and the music video “And Yet It Moves (Eppur si muove)”.

The exhibition “Change the Record” will continue on 23 September at the exhibition space of the Dr. Franc Sušnik Central Carinthian Library, where Sašo Vrabič will present for the first time his series of photographs “Rubber Bands”, the music videos from the series: “TAPE LOOP”, works on paper “Covers (True Colours)”, drawings, artist’s books, sketchbooks, multiples and various graphic designs.

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