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08. 02. 2019 - 12. 04. 2019
Galerija Ravne

>> Opening: February 8th 2019 at 4 p.m.
>> Curator of the exhibition: Jernej Kožar

At the exhibition “The General of Bele Vode (Ultra Plus)” in the Gallery Ravne, Uroš Potočnik will present his works from four series made in the past years. Paintings from the series “Changing Colour” (2016–2018) and “Diverting (Out of Focus)” (2016) were painted with acrylic paint on canvas, while the works from the cycle “Social Structure. Hommage à Ellsworth Kelly” (2017), as well as “Solutions: Outflow” and “Solutions: 180°” (2017), were made of paper in the form of collages.
In his paintings Potočnik depicts the working-class daily routine in an illusionist manner, looking back to the beginning of the socially critical painting from the mid-19th century in France. Elsewhere, he conceals his critique of social conditions with a subtle and transparent grey veil covering garish commercials with which people are bombarded every day by happiness salesmen. His sensibility regarding social injustice is not limited to abstract or mimetic compositions only, he uses both as circumstance requires and in harmony with the subject matter that he wishes to present.
The exhibition »The General of Bele Vode (Ultra Plus)« provides a comprehensive insight into the work of one of the most penetrating painters of the younger generation in Slovenia. Uroš Potočnik (1974) lives and works in Bele Vode near Šoštanj.

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