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06. 02. 2020 - 18. 05. 2020
Galerija Ravne

Tadej Vaukman will present his work in the Ravne Gallery with the exhibition “Ritual Purification: Continued”. It is a continuation of the exhibition that is currently on display at the P74 Gallery in Ljubljana. The project is not about simply relocating the exhibition that was created during his three-month stay in New York, but a completely new exhibition adapted to his native environment. The self-portraits made in America last fall will be complemented by several new photographs with motifs related to those from the cycle Grandheroes, which are naturally intertwined with his in-depth introspection, forcing the viewer to contemplate the nature of photography today and the questions of everyday life.

Tadej Vaukman (1984, Dravograd) is an independent artist and photographer. In recent years, he has exhibited his work in several solo and group exhibitions. In 2015, he published his photobook Dick Skinners and in 2018, the book Grandheroes was published. In 2019, he won the OHO Group Award. He lives and works in Ljubljana.

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