KGLU meme and Mito Gegič

It is said that the year 2020 will be marked by the coronavirus, quarantine, and memes. Memes? Yes, those comical photographs you can spend countless hours a day watching on social media, that can make you laugh, nod in approval, and identify with the message they send into the world.

These images, most often photographs, are usually accompanied by an adapted text and respond to everyday topics of our lives.

As our activities are once again moving online during another closure of museums and galleries, we have decided to cooperate with the artist Mito Gegič, who exhibited in the Ravne Gallery this summer and who, besides painting, also works in graphic design. Every day for more than 2 years, he has been posting funny, often satirical memes under the hashtag #dnevnik on his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Mito has created a series of creative and funny quotes for the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU). The first one is presented here, and for all the rest, you can follow our posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the hashtag #kglumeme.

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