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01. 05. 2019 - 13. 09. 2020

The international project includes a visual art exhibition, literary readings and concerts, and in a joint presentation, it illustrates the position of contemporary artists from Germany, Slovenia and Austria. The chronological journey of this project begins in May 2019 in Bautzen/Budyšin and continues in the autumn of 2019 in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenj Gradec), in January 2020 in Austrian Carinthia (Klagenfurt, Bleiburg), and ends in September 2020 in Cottbus/Chóśebuz. The project was designed in cooperation between the Foundation for the Sorbian People (project leader) and the project partners: The Sorbian Museum, Budyšin/Bautzen and the Wendish Museum from Cottbus, The Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška.

As a partner in the project, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška participates mostly in the design of the international exhibition, which focuses on the treatment of landscape in relation to social, economic and cultural issues. In terms of content, the topic is rooted in a critical reflection of the historical and current position of ethnic minorities in the region of Carinthia, which is divided between Austria and Slovenia, and in the region of Lusatia in Germany, where the ethnic minority of Lusatian Sorbs lives. Although this is the project’s starting point, based on the concrete political and social situation, which also links the project partners, the very selection of artists and authors from the field of visual art in fact expands the reflection about how human activity is inscribed into the landscape and how perceptions of the landscape are changing throughout time.

The honorary patrons of the project: dr. Eva-Maria Stange (Saxon State Minister of Science and the Arts), mag. Zoran Poznič (Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia), dr. Peter Kaiser (Governor of Carinthia), dr. Martina Münch (Brandenburg State Minister of Science, Research and Culture).

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