The exhibition Jože Tisnikar – Death is not the end – has been extended

In the pleasant shade of the KGLU, the exhibition of Jože Tisnikar’s works, Death is not the end, is still on view, as it has been extended until 21 October 2018.
Jože Tisnikar is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most renowned Slovenian artists from the second half of the twentieth century.
The self-taught painter Jože Tisnikar established himself as a singular phenomenon of recent Slovenian painting mostly through his original and incredibly sincere iconographic subject depicting the terminuses of human existence and his original painting technique, the egg tempera, which enabled the familiar colouration which accentuates very effectively the uneasy atmosphere of the scenes he painted. Tisnikar’s very unusual artistic expression, difficult to match in domestic or foreign art, attracted with a phantasmagorical power both the professional and the lay public and contributed to his many successes, which even increased in the last years before his sudden death. More …

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