Invitation to the opening of the exhibition by Luka Popič at the Ravne Gallery

Tomorrow, on Thursday, 25 November 2021, the exhibition by Luka Popič with the title Whiteblack will open at the Ravne Gallery. The opening will take place without an accompanying event and in accordance with the RVT condition. At the exhibition Whiteblack, Luka Popič presents paintings he created in the past four years. In the large-format paintings, we see how the painter engaged with the large surface and covered it completely with black paint. In the more recent smaller works, we can see a gradual abandoning of the black. In these paintings, there is a lot of white and this whiteness of the canvas creates a playful atmosphere through contrasts with the modest applications of black.

In the completely new works, painted especially for this exhibition, he once again lets colour enter the painting, thus indicating the path for the further development of his abstract compositions.

Luka Popič paints with various non-painting tools, such as cylinders, whisk brooms, and spatulas; oftentimes also using only his palms.

The exhibition will be on display until 28 January 2022. Come visit us!

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