Invitation to the opening of the exhibition Interspace

Tomorrow, on 28 September 2022, at 6 PM, we are opening the group exhibition Interspace at the Libeliče border crossing.

Artists: Nika Autor, Boris Beja, Vesna Bukovec, Jošt Franko, Jure Markota, Mark Požlep

The exhibition Interspace was designed for the 100th anniversary of the annexation of Libeliče to the motherland. Starting from a consideration of borders that mark the geopolitical area of Slovenia and specifically the border between Slovenia and Austria, we discuss the broader concept and phenomenon of borders in general. From various viewpoints, selected artists focus on artistic research and interpretations of geopolitical landscapes and reveal personal stories.

The exhibition was created as part of the “Carinthia 100 years later” project.

* * * *

“The investment is co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Republic of Slovenia”.

Visiting the exhibition is possible by appointment (Adrijan Zalesnik 031 375 442, Nataša Knez 031 308 945, Irma Knez 041 375 192)



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