Envisioning a world without borders

What would be different in your life if state borders did not exist?

Vesna Bukovec, Slovenian contemporary visual artist, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška are inviting you to participate in the art project A World without Borders.

Join us in thinking about a different world – a world without state borders. Although this idea seems utopian and impossible, it is worth thinking about a world that is different and fairer, and picturing different and kinder ways of coexistence at least in our imagination. We invite you to think about this topic.

How would your life change if state borders did not exist and you could move freely? How would it affect your past and present as well as your future? What would the life of your extended family, such as your grandmother or grandfather, look like? Where would you go if you could travel without limitations, and where would you want to live?

We invite you to write your thoughts on a postcard and send or bring it to the Museum until 10 November 2021. You can also write a letter or share your thoughts over e-mail (galerija@glu-sg.si). The collected responses will be exhibited at the entrance to the Museum, while the artist will use them as a starting point to develop an art project for the exhibition Beyond Borders taking place in December at the Museum.

The postcards are available in physical form at the Museum reception, and in electronic form as an attachment to the news article.

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