Suspended Memories on Koroški Radio

Slovenj Gradec is a city with a long and rich tradition, reflected in the outstanding legacy of cultural heritage – from archaeological findings of the oldest traces of civilization to collections of contemporary art at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška. The yarn of historical memory, which marked the lives of people living in the valley between Mount St. Ursula and the Pohorje Mountains, weaved numerous events and milestones throughout times, most often personified in the works of this or that important man or woman who, due to their merit in the community, entered the spiritual chronicles of this ancient city in the centre of Mislinja Valley. The collective memory of people and events, like everywhere people live in a community, was preserved through various public memorials and commemorations, which form the foundation of local identity.

What these public memorials in Slovenj Gradec and the surrounding areas communicate, will be explained in weekly Sunday bits by the art historian, museum councillor and curator from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, Marko Košan.

Already this Sunday at 4.15 PM, you are invited for a tour of the city and amongst its Suspended memories of public memorials and sculptures of Slovenj Gradec, only on Koroški Radio (97.2 MHz).

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