Ana Bešlić (Bajmok, Serbia, 1912 – Belgrade, Serbia, 2008), after studying in Zagreb, Graz and Vienna, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade where she also finished her postgraduate studies in 1949. Until 1955, she was an associate in the master workshop of Toma Rosandić. She was one of the most important representatives of contemporary sculpture in former Yugoslavia as well as a part of the circle of artists who were exploring new paths in the ‘50s and were the initiators of modernism in Yugoslavian sculpture. She considered her mission mostly the creation of sculptures as the art of the exterior. She is the author of several monuments in public spaces. Her works can be found in Subotica, Šandor, Bajmok, Palić, Slovenj Gradec. She exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in her home country and abroad. She spent her final years of life in Belgrade, where she died in 2008.