Pino Poggi

Pino Poggi was born in 1939 in Genoa, where he lived until 1964. There, he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and later taught as well, first as an assistant to Edoardo Alfieri and then as a professor of “Sculpture, Figure and Modelling”. During the years 1965–67, he lived in Maribor, where for a while he shared a studio with Slavko Tihec in Ruše. From there, his path led him to Frankfurt and later to Regensburg. Since 2000, he has lived and worked in Aragona on Sicily, and in Hexenagger in Germany.

Pino Poggi named his art Arte Utile, which encompasses the AU process, AU environment, AU alphabet and AU artist’s books. Besides those, Pino Poggi also creates performance art, sculpture and poetry. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška keeps 356 works by Pino Poggi, as well as the sculpture “S” that is located at the northern entrance to Slovenj Gradec along the main road. The collection was formed through several donations by the artist, of which the largest was the one in 2000, when Poggi donated the majority of his oeuvre created until that time to the Museum.