Born in 1937 in Ritešići near Doboj. Of the several children from a large family that lost their parents during the war, he was the only one who came to Slovenia. He lived with a family in Polje near Ljubljana, where he attended elementary school. After finishing the High School of Design, he enrolled in the department of sculpting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1959, graduating in December 1964 under professor Frančišek Smerdu. After marrying a law student, he moved to Slovenj Gradec, where he started working as an Art Education teacher at an elementary school. He worked in a studio that he shared with the painter Jože Tisnikar, in the carpentry workshop of the hospital in Slovenj Gradec. After his divorce, he moved to Velenje in 1974, where he was taken under the wing of the Gorenje company, who arranged a studio for him and supported him as patrons. In 1978, he received a project scholarship, presenting his works in 1980 at a solo exhibition in the Art Pavilion of Slovenj Gradec. In 1984, he travelled to Germany for a few months. After returning, he only worked occasionally in a provisional studio that he arranged in their former family apartment in Slovenj Gradec. He died in 1988.