Born in 1918 in Dobrepolje in the Dolenjska region, he moved to Stražišče near Kranj in 1926 with his family, and finished grammar school in Kranj before World War II. He enrolled in the France Kralj department of sculpture at the Artisanal School in Ljubljana, and was one of the first students of the newly founded Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1945, which he completed in 1949 together with the Artisanal School. He created many memorials to the National Liberation Front across Slovenia: in Kočevje (1953), Cerkno (1954), Krško (1957), the sculpture of the Little Messenger in Podutik near Ljubljana (1961), in Kranj (1963), Žiri (1964), etc. He taught at the High School of Design in Ljubljana. After a short and difficult illness, he died in 1969.