Born in 1909 in Bukovica near Gorizia. During the First World War, as a child, he went into exile with his family in Carinthia and Styria. In Maribor in 1928 he finished school at the teacher’s college and enrolled at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. In 1934 he graduated under Professor Ljubo Babić. The following year he visited Spain for a few months, where Professor Babić directed his students and copied many of Goya’s works in Madrid’s Prado. Between 1934 and 1940, he traveled frequently to Dalmatia, which greatly influenced his artistic development. In 1937 he became a member of the Club of Independent Slovenian Artists. He was also a member of the club of Maribor artists Brazda. In 1944 he moved to Venice, where he met the Ferrara painter Filippo de Pisis and his circle. In the same year, he was deported to the Dachau concentration camp, where a series of shocking drawings were created, from which he developed a cycle of oil paintings and graphics entitled We Are Not the Last in the 1970s. After the Second World War, Mušič lived between Venice and Paris, where he worked under the auspices of the Galerie de France from 1953 and belonged to the École de Paris. He has exhibited all over the world and has received high recognitions and international awards. He died in 2005 in Venice.