Outdoor Artworks

In its collection records, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška also keeps data on open-air artworks, mostly sculptures, located in the old city centre of Slovenj Gradec and its surrounding areas, even though the Museum is not their immediate custodian. Apart from the monuments collection that contains public memorials and the comprehensive collection of open-air sculptures in the so-called Peace Park at Štibuh, it is also worth mentioning the works by Mirsad Begić (besides the memorials to Jože Tisnikar and Hugo Wolf, there is also his bronze sculpture Coconut in front of the commercial building of the Puro tehnika company), Mirko Bratuša (the three-part Fountain of Life at Glavni trg), the sculptures placed in roundabouts (Darko Golija, Karl Vouk), the sculptures by Hermann Walenta next to the Slovenj Gradec Culture House, and by Pino Poggi next to the northern radial road. There are also several works by Karel Pečko in public spaces (two mosaics, one in the lobby of the Carpentry School, formerly the Lesna company building, and the other in the Retirement Home, the mural in the Slovenj Gradec general hospital’s lobby, and the sgraffito in the funeral parlour of the Slovenj Gradec cemetery).