Steel, concrete

Inv. št. J 3

The sculpture by Herman Walenta is made of reinforced concrete. Considering the geometric shapes, the materials and the lack of any substantial references and the title, without difficulty the sculpture can be labelled a typical representative of international high modernism. The sculptor used a geometric body, the sphere, as a starting point, opened it on one side, and created two openings in the back to slightly soften the weight of the space that the sculpture drags inwards from the back. In the front, he opened the sphere so that the sculpture’s mass transforms into four sections, rising from it ominously due to their sharp points. Although the sculpture tries to avoid any substantial connotations in the characteristic manner of the time in which it was created, the viewer cannot shake the impression that they are looking at an open gullet. This impression is emphasised by two smaller cones in the organism’s interior and the mentioned sharp points protruding from it. These aggressive highlights of the smooth mass, with jutting rays that turn into sharp points at the top, were softened by Herman Walenta with an organically rounded core.

Text: Jernej Kožar

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