Collection > FRANC VOZELJ


Oil on canvas

150 x 80 cm

Inv. št. S 233

The art of Franc Vozelj is one of the most suggestive examples of figurative art in contemporary Slovenian painting. The contours of various human figures sooner or later come to occupy the centre of the visual space in his large-format images, while the paintings themselves are imbued with a specific tension and energy stemming from the destructive transformation of bodies into expressive “homunculi.” The expressive power of the painted physicality passes from the field of the sensitive to the field of the sensual, while the astonishing narrative of the body is embedded in a sphere of magic, where objectified appearances are elevated to symbols and metaphors of human existence. Which is why the works acquired after the large overview exhibition at the Museum in 2009 are regularly included in the context of the “Hommage á Tisnikar” collection.

Text: Marko Košan

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