Collection > DUCK JUN KWAK


Mixed Technique

P (diagonally) 42,5 x 34 cm, S 63,5 x 89 cm

Inv. no. G 9

In 1974, Duck Jun Kwak started his project President and Kwak. The work Ford and Kwak was the first in the series of composites in which the artist combined the lower half of his characteristic bearded face with a photograph of the upper half current American president’s faces from the covers of Time magazine. The reflection of the artist’s face in a mirror, positioned over the lower half of the magazine cover, along with the visible half of the president’s portrait, represents a new whole, which also includes the visual image of Time magazine with inscriptions like “special edition” or “person of the year”. The collage Ford and Kwak, a combination of the artist’s mirror reflection and a photograph of the 38th American president Gerald Ford, foregrounds the contrast between the most influential person in the world and the individual who does not have this kind of influence; together with subsequent works from the series, which he kept creating until the election of Barack Obama in 2009, it emphasises the transience and impermanence of power of each new administration.

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