Photo on canvas

90 x 205 cm

Inv. št. F 70

Roberto Kusterle, a photographer from Gorizia, was hosted in the KGLU in 2007 with a large overview exhibition entitled In Timeless Expanses. The curator Milena Zlatar connected Kusterle’s fantastical dreamworld with elements of the unusual, the bizarre and the surrealistic, in which the reality of the primal world of humans, animals, and plants melts into fairy tale and myth, into symbols of the archetypical impressions of death and constant rebirth found in the paintings of Jože Tisnikar. For this special occasion, Kusterle created a diptych that served also as the feature image for the cross-border project Body Images in 2014 that took place in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška and the Werner Berg Museum in Bleiburg, Austria.

Text: Marko Košan

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