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Inv. no. J 7

The bronze sculpture “Bread and Seed”, which is positioned on the grassy surface of the park, with its soft form and full volume combines the human and vegetal components, representing a meaningful and associative whole with its organic shape. Its lush and tense form is bursting with an emphasised corporeality and evokes erotic associations. In the work, nature and culture are joined and infuse one another, in the sense of a deep and primal connection that is symbolically carried by bread, born of seed. The sculpture that joins meanings in its unified oval shape reflects the fullness and mutual dependency of nature and humanity and functions as a universal symbol of the source of life. Nature’s majestic, eternal creative power is accentuated by the suggestive fullness and eroticism of the form, at the same time representing a poetic metaphor for the connection between all living things.

Text: Katarina Hergold Germ


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