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The bronze composition Mother with Child was created by Naca Rojnik in 1992. The two heads are encapsulated in the uniform mass of material, one of them leaning on the other’s chest. The basis for the composition can be found in the Christian motif of pietá, where the profoundly sorrowful Mary clutches her son’s dead head to her chest. The contrast between the graceful and spiritual face of the portrayed woman and the deeply furrowed drapery, the beginnings of which can be seen flowing down her shoulders, is reflected in the sculpture’s dreamy ambience. Both heads are twisting out of the unified mass of the body, both of their hair is descending down their shoulders, transforming into drapery towards the bottom of the statue, which embraces both heads with its unified lines, thus connecting them and emphasising their mutual love.

Text: Jernej Kožar

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