Collection > ARTUR LUIZ PIZA
Blue Star


Colour etching

P 53,5 x 39,4 cm, S 77,5 x 58,2 cm

Inv. no. G 144

The print Blue Star was donated by Arthur Luiz Piza to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška in 1965 for the international exhibition Peace, Humanity and Friendship among Nations. With that, he joined the group of artists who expressed their support of humanitarian ideals by participating at the exhibition, while the exhibited works reflected their then current artistic explorations. In the colour etching Blue Star, a simple geometric abstract composition can be seen, at the centre of which there is a vertical rhomboidal structure. Through the gradually increasing density of blue triangular blotches towards the centre of the rhomboid object, which culminate in intense, mostly horizontal blacks at its core, and through the appearance of floating in non-space, filled with misty veils, unevenly distributed across the grey surface of the print, Piza opens the questions of space and perception of spatial relations.

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