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50 x 65 cm

Inv. št. G 767

Valentin Oman’s work is marked by the time of its creation, corresponding to po­litical events and the raging of the war in the Balkans. In 1991, the artist was com­missioned to create the Stations of the Cross in Piran. During his residence in the idyllic seaside town, the author followed the media to keep up with the events of the war and statements made by politi­cians directly involved in the carnage in the Balkans. He captured moments with images of Milošević and Karadžić on an­alogue film that he subsequently reused when photographing windows and win­dow bars around the town in which he temporarily resided. Thus, using double exposure of the film, he put those respon­sible for the war crimes behind bars much sooner than this would actually happen at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in Hague.

Text: Andreja Hribernik

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