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White marble

Inv. no. J 8

From the very beginning of her creative work, Ana Bešlić opted for a non-figural approach in her sculpture, which was visible in her modernist sculptures based on a free and open form. The static and stable vertical organic form of the sculpture “Fruit” was made in the early ‘80s, when the artist was creating a series of so-called spheroid sculptures. The sculpture’s main artistic energy is located in the centre of the simplified form, its longitudinally split crust suggesting a duality within the uni(tari)ty of the core of life. In the polished shell of the elliptical object made of white marble, the image of the fruit is embodied as the universal symbol of all living things. In this sense, Ana Bešlić’s sculpture is a counterpart to Diminić’s “Bread and Seed”, not only because of the roundness of its form, but also as a manifestation of life’s eternal rebirth.

Text: Katarina Hergold Germ

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