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1948, unveiled in 1977


Inv. no. J 5

This sculpture by Ivan Sabolić was the first in the series of sculptures that were placed in the Peace Park at Štibuh in Slovenj Gradec in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. From his own collection, Tito donated to the Park the bronze sculpture Sitting Nude, which was ceremonially unveiled in 1977. To provide an appropriate setting for it, the architect Marjan Gnamuš designed an amphitheatre; at its centre, Sambolić’s sculpture was placed, embedded in a granite block. Why the sculpture, originally named The Widow in 1948, and called Sitting Nude at the time of its donation, bears the title Rest in Slovenj Gradec, is not quite clear. Sabolić depicted a sitting, bent-down female figure, her hands rolled under her, leaning her bowing head onto her left hand, so that only the dense locks of her hair, falling freely, are visible from the front. Her face is turned to the right and half hidden under her bent left arm. With her hunched posture and the robust, voluminous shapes of her body, bent into two folds, he emphasised the woman’s deep melancholy, sunken in her internal world, contemplating the inner world of her own existence.

Text: Katarina Hergold Germ

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