Collection > KAREL PEČKO

No date

Oil, canvas

Inv. no. 164

In the early period of Pečko’s creative work after his arrival in Slovenj Gradec, the cycle of black and white courtyards was followed by a transition to the world of colours. Vedutas of Slovenj Gradec shone from his canvases in many shades of red. He tried to enhance the realistic depiction of city motifs with expressive colour effects. He began to use a more relaxed stroke, and some parts that he previously worked on more precisely were replaced by areas of colour with visible brush strokes. He also formulated the trees in his own way, bringing unrest into the paintings with their twisted branches. The images from this period can also be seen as a chronicle of the city, since we can recognize buildings that are still the same, but with a different content than so many years ago, while others have changed their appearance or are even gone.

Text: Katarina Hergold Germ

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