Unveiled: 24 Nov 1986

White marble from the Prilep region

Inv. no. J 11

Jordan Grabulo(v)ski created the sculpture “Spiral Trace” in the final year of his life. Using the minimalist language of associative geometricism, he shaped a compact conical form into which a rising spiral line is cut, ascending circularly towards the top of the truncated cone. The sculpture made of white marble from the Prilep region combines the opposition between the roughly shaped surface of the cone and the smooth cut of the finely serrated spiral line. This opposition between the processed cone and unprocessed stones – the chips of rock strewn around the cone, disappearing in the overgrowing grassland – indicates the simultaneous existence of antipodes – order and chaos, perfection and waste, the fundamental and the marginal.

Text: Katarina Hergold Germ

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