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Print portfolio (5 prints)

Colour screen print, 50 × 70 cm

Prints: Vesna Bukovec

Stories: Widad Tamimi

Inv. št. G 743/4

Vesna Bukovec’s print portfolio titled Se­arching for Freedom (Ecce Homo), 2016, is a part of the artist’s collaboration with the Italian writer Widad Tamimi who wor­ked as a volunteer in refugee centres in autumn and winter of 2015/2016, looking to help bring together families that were separated during police procedures as they were trying to cross the border. As a writer, she also wrote down their stories. Since she refused to encroach upon the dignity of the people by using a photo ca­mera, she invited the visual artist Vesna Bukovec to provide illustrations for their stories.

Text: Andreja Hribernik
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