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Venetic Horse is the title of the sculpture at Glavni trg in Slovenj Gradec. It was made in three copies from a special alloy in 1992. The pedestal made of grey granite was created by the architect Edi Koraca.

The horse is an enlarged version of the horse relief on the Vače Situla (5th century BC, bronze), which measures only a few centimetres, that Kogoj turned into a life-size sculpture of a horse. The relief on the Vače Situla depicts the life of a warrior in three friezes, featuring both animals and humans. The layout of the Venetic Horse is analogous to the layout of equestrian monuments. The latter conform to traditional solutions in which the horseman, whose achievements the monument celebrates, is never missing. Once could rightfully ask about the meaning of this equestrian memorial without a horseman in a prestigious location in the city centre, and argue against any kind of substantial context that would identify it as a central symbol of the city, which is precisely what it is irrevocably becoming.

Text: Jernej Kožar

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