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colour etching

Inv. no.: G 651

Jan Forsberg participated in the first international exhibition under the auspices of the UN (Peace, Humanity and Friendship among Nations), 1966/67, where he won first prize in the prints category. It is assumed that the work was returned to the artist after the exhibition, as it was not found in the collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška and there was no documentation regarding the work. In 2015, for the exhibition Performing the Museum, Nika Autor engaged with the history of exhibitions at the Museum as part of her art project, and she purchased the print by Jan Forsberg from an online art antiques store for 77.94 dollars. The receipt and the print were part of her art project “Newsreel 62”.

After the project was finished, Nika Autor donated the print to the Museum.

Text: Andreja Hribernik

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