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Wood, metal

58 x 20 x 57 cm

Inv. no. PP 24

Poggi’s artist’s books occupy an important place within his oeuvre. They could also be called book-sculptures, since they do not address the viewers only with their shape, but are also inviting us to use them. They started to be created soon after Pino Poggi founded and defined Arte Utile – his own artistic direction.

They are made in such a way that they have wooden plates instead of the paper pages found in ordinary books. Instead of the usual binding with thread, the connecting element is a steel rod, nicely curved so that the pages – plates with two slots on their sides – can be moved along it.

The Story of Tizio X could also be a transformed chair, since it is possible to sit on it (height: 100 cm). This added functional element in his work of art is at the core of Poggi’s Arte Utile – art that rises above the untouchable world of artistic taboos and expands the space of sculpture from fetish to an object for everyday use. In the plates, we can read Poggi’s handwritten stories, but sometimes the plates are simply a background for his collages.

Poggi’s book-sculptures could therefore also be sculptures that turn into artist’s books due to several characteristics of books – text, images, pages. With his book-sculptures, Pino Poggi created an important contribution to contemporary art and managed to visualize ideas that he had previously presented in the Arte Utile manifestoes (1965/66).

Text: Jernej Kožar

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