Park miru

Ratko Vulanović (Laz near Nikšić, Montenegro, 1941) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and completed his postgraduate studies in 1971. From 1967 to today, he has participated in approximately a hundred group exhibitions in Montenegro and abroad, and in many sculpting colonies and symposia. He is the recipient of several important awards for sculpting. He created a large number of monumental spatial sculptures (Danilovgrad, Ostrožac near Bihać, Ćuprija, Slovenj Gradec, Belgrade, Podgorica, Požarevac, the village of Jalovik near Šabac, Šabac, Budva, Pančevo). His works can be found in many galleries and museums in his home country and abroad. Since 1993, he has also engaged in painting. At the Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade, he created the famous spatial sculptural installation Stone City.