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Summer in the Museum
08. 07. 2021 - 19. 08. 2021

Dear friends of the Museum!

This summer you are once again kindly invited to visit the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška and the Ravne Gallery. For you, we have arranged guided tours of the current exhibitions, our permanent collection, and the monuments and sculptures around the city.

You are welcome to go for a walk among the works of both Slovenian and foreign artists in the company of our curators, and to spend summer evenings getting to know contemporary art in our galleries.

ČETRTEK, 8. 7. 2021, 18.00, KGLU

Vodstvo po stalni zbirki (Katarina Hergold Germ)


ČETRTEK, 15. 7. 2021, 18.00, KGLU

Vodstvo po mestnih skulpturah in spomenikih (Marko Košan)


ČETRTEK, 5. 8. 2021, 18.00, GALERIJA RAVNE

Vodstvo po razstavi Tjaše Rener (Jernej Kožar)


ČETRTEK, 19. 8. 2021, 18.00, KGLU

Vodstvo po razstavi Minljivost – Hommage Tisnikarju (Marko Košan)

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